Minus Ten and Counting: Songs of the Space Age is a 1983 anthology album of space flight songs. The later album of space flight songs To Touch the Stars was directly inspired by Minus Ten and includes new performances of the many of the songs.

Track Listing Edit

Side A

  1. Surprise!
  2. Mercury-Our First Steps
  3. Star Fire
  4. Toast for Unknown Heroes
  5. Memorial
  6. The Phoenix
  7. Pioneer's Song
  8. The Ballad of Apollo XIII
  9. Legends
  10. Apollo Lost
  11. Hope Eyrie

Side B

  1. Minus Ten and Counting
  2. Fire in the Sky
  3. One Way to Go
  4. Fly, Columbia!
  5. Everyman
  6. The Moon Miners
  7. Voyager
  8. The Light-Ship
  9. Planetbound Lovers
  10. The Mass Driver Engineer
  11. Sentries
  12. Witnesses' Waltz

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